The amount of data within enterprises has exploded, and a workforce that is spread across the globe needs access to the data at any time from a variety of devices. Providing fast access to data, including backups and archives, across the world requires a data storage system that can cost-effectively span the globe. Choose one of our Secure Cloud services to tap the power of the cloud for your strategic business objectives without frustration, cost and time of managing it yourself.

  •          Managed Cloud - Back-up-and-Recovery-as-Service (BRaaS)
  •          Managed Cloud - Hosted-Virtual-Machines-as-a-Service (aka DaaS)
  •          Managed Cloud - Infrastructure-as-a-Service Solutions (IaaS)


Traditional storage arrays can be expensive in scale-out scenarios and often require over-provisioning storage to support multiple copies of the same data. Backing up to a tape can be attractive due to low cost, however the data sitting offline in a remote warehouse is at risk of deterioration and cannot be easily searched for legal hold and discovery purposes.

With Cloudian Object Storage, we can support high-volume content repositories for web & mobile applications, on-premise or hybrid clouds and massive amounts of data including video, life sciences and research data. In addition, with object lock technology, which includes integration of Veeam Backup and Replication and Cloudian, we further protect Veeam backups to achieve immutable backups.

According to VRC’s article, “Project VRC, State of the VDI and SBC Union 2015”, March 2015, 17% of the respondents reported that by investing in a Desktop-as-a-Service offering, they can gain “flexibility, upscaling and/or downscaling desktop or apps on demand”. In addition, 11% of the respondents would prefer to shift their Operating Expenses (OPEX) cost, to a “pay as you go” model. Our solution follows the Citrix’s Business-Ready Workspace which allows you to deliver Windows apps and desktops that follow people everywhere, and to all their devices, seamlessly and securely. Along the same lines, we offer Horizon View Virtual Desktops as a service as well, for a feature rich full windows server to run your cloud enabled applications.

As a member of the VMWare and Citrix Service provider programs, we utilize their virtualization technologies for our Managed Cloud – Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).  Our Managed Cloud - IaaS provides the infrastructure and storage to reduce your Capital Expenses (CapEX). Our trained staff will assist with deployment of Virtual Machines or recoveries of systems and critical applications to reduce your Operating Expenses (OpEX) too. Scaling your business costs to match only the needs you have can be done on a month to month basis. Our Manage Cloud is reasonably priced and more flexible than traditional IT services and allows businesses to effectively match your growth.

If you’re working with big data sets of unstructured data and need ready access from Hadoop and other analytics tools, we will provide a repository for both incoming data streams and the results of analysis and modeling. Cloudian has the limitless capacity and low total cost of ownership needed for big data archiving and processing. We provide simple storage management, freedom from silos and sharding, and fast access to any data either as files or as native objects from Hadoop and other analytic tools.

With over a decade of disaster recovery expertise, we can go far beyond simple backup and recovery to ensure all your workloads are protected and the disaster recovery process is tuned to your business priorities and compliance needs. Our Managed Cloud - Secure Cloud Backup solution, based on Veeam Backup and Replication, provides the following advantageous over traditional SAN to SAN replication or other software based solutions;

  •          Enables low recovery time objectives (RTOs) of <15 minutes
  •          Enables rapid recovery of the your data
  •          Instant VM Recovery, File-level recovery, and support for Exchange, Sharepoint, Active Directory and SQL Server
  •          Built-in WAN acceleration
  •          AES 256-bit encryption for maximum efficiency and protection (No impact on compression or WAN acceleration)